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Steamboat Pilot shares Emma and Abby's Story

Read the article here -> Family Seeks Answers - Steamboat Pilot

THANK YOU to the Steamboat Pilot for featuring our family and telling our story!

Mark and I met in the beautiful mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

He grew up there and I was visiting. I was walking out of Sunpie’s when someone stopped me and asked “Are you Mariah??”

In a crazy twist of fate, Mark had been at my house in Texas the week before...and had seen pictures of me. He is the nephew of my “other-mother”, my moms best friend, and was in my hometown visiting his Aunt around same time I was visiting his hometown for a wedding. He recognized me and (I like to pretend) it was love at first sight 😂...ok maybe the love at first sight thing was on my end 😬

Over 10 years later and Steamboat will always hold a special place in my heart...the place I met my husband, the place we take our kiddos for long weekends, the place we go to visit my only niece and my awesome in-laws, and the place that has always shown our family friendship and community support. And now the first media outlet to tell the story of our girls and help us advocate for a cure!

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