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Facebook Fundraisers

Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser to benefit The Lightning and Love Foundation is a really easy way to raise money and awareness! You can set up a fundraising campaign on Facebook in less than 5 minutes. Many of our fundraisers set up a campaign in honor of their birthday, then share it with family and friends and ask that in lieu of gifts, a donation is made to The Lightning and Love Foundation. And, there are no fees for non-profits when you host a Facebook Fundraiser. That means that 100% of donations come directly to Lightning and Love!

How to set up your fundraising campaign

  • Go to your Facebook feed

  • Select Fundraiser under Create in the left-hand menu

  • Click Get Started

  • Select Nonprofit and search for Lightning and Love Foundation

  • Decide how much you want to raise and when you will end your fundraiser

  • Tell your story

  • Share with your Facebook friends and community, as well as by email


Inspired to Fundraise?

There are so many ways you can fundraise for Lightning and Love!

All it takes is inspiration and the desire to raise awareness of THAP12 Genetic Disease while encouraging donations from friends and family. Your support in any amount helps bring us closer to a cure!

If you want to launch a fundraiser of your own to benefit Lightning and Love, or if you have ideas for an exciting fundraiser, please reach out:

Thank You! Because of the generosity of our supporters, Lightning and Love Foundation is able to fund cutting-edge research that brings hope and the potential for treatement for ultra-rare THAP12 Genetic Disease!


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