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Lightning and Love on AmazonSmile

Alright, ya’ll...where are all my Amazon-Addicts??

If you are anything like me, you have boxes showing up almost daily 😬(and you may or may not hide a good amount of them from your significant other like I do...shhhh).

I have a request for you all! Lightning and Love foundation is now a registered charity with Amazon Smile who will donate a percentage back to our foundation! Now you can justify the excess amazon spending as your good deed for the day 😂

We would we SO GRATEFUL if you selected Lightning and Love Foundation as your charity of choice, your support with help make fishies and mice seize, and will open up treatment possibilities for two pretty sweet little girls!

There are two ways to enable Amazon Smile:

ONE : Shop online at (instead of just and make sure you have selected Lightning and Love Foundation as your supporting charity.

TWO : Update your Amazon App (only the latest version of the app supports Smile), in the main menu of the app select ‘Settings’, and tap AmazonSmile to follow instructions and select Lightning and Love Foundation.

Message me for any questions setting it up, I’m happy to walk anyone through it!

Thank you guys! I’m excited to have this new form of ongoing’s bringing up vision of that old infomercial...”Just set it and forget it” 😂

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