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Getting back to work!

Well January didn’t go quite according to plan 😬 It’s been mostly all hands on deck for Abby, but now that she seems to be (knock on wood) stabilizing, I’m excited to start our “do-over New Years” by jumping head first in to all things Lightning and Love.

You all may have noticed a lack of research updates lately. Well...I have too. But apparently, despite my incessant pestering and emailing for updates, science just tends to move slow. It’s been a great practice in patience, and I spent the holiday season letting go and focusing on family time. But I’m desperately ready to get my butt back in gear.

Sometimes I forget, we only started this journey last summer. It hasn’t even been a year yet since I awkwardly and anxiously announced publicly that I had a crazy idea...that I wanted to SAVE my daughters. I officially launched a research foundation to study a disease affecting only TWO known people in the world - my baby girls. And WHEW!! We have come a long way.

Since then, you have all graciously jumped on board Team Emma and Abby and supported us wholeheartedly. I’ll never get over the outpouring of love we felt as we took this leap.

We spent 2020 forming the building blocks of research...cell models, Zebrafish models, mouse models, and scientific partnerships. Those things took time. And though they are all still ongoing, we are getting to a place of next steps. A place where we can dig a little deeper, and get a step closer to treatment.

2021...With these building blocks in place, I am SO excited for the projects we have planned, the research initiatives that are underway, and all the progress we are set to make. Let’s do this 💪🏻 Stay tuned!!

And if you want to help...we would SO appreciate you choosing Lightning and Love for Facebook birthday fundraisers, setting up Amazon Smile to support our foundation, and share our GoFundMe/website/social (links in bio). Every little bit helps us reach our goals!

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