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two sweet sisters battling one ultra-rare disease

Emma and Abby

Emma  is a 5 year old little girl who loves music and being around her peers. But she can't walk, or talk, and she has many seizures every day.

Abby  is a 3 year old little girl who is feisty...screaming for attention one minute and giving the biggest cheesy grin the next. But she can't hold her head up, she hasn't said her first word, and her seizures make her stop breathing.

The Gillaspie Sisters are the first and only known patients IN THE WORLD to live with newly discovered

THAP12 Genetic Disease

This disease is causing Seizures, Severe Developmental Delays, and is robbing these sisters of a healthy, and care-free childhood

We are racing against time to find a treatment!

Get Invovled with Lightning and Love

Support our critical research, advocacy, & awareness efforts today

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